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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 16, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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it's an all new show today "right this minute". drivers nearly hit a defenseless kitten. >> fighting for its life. >> see who finally comes to the rescue after some crazy close calls. >> love, don't you? >> maybe more than you. >> a teen coming home from the dentist don't know. the story behind the battle for his heart. >> it's up for grabs. >> when a swiss army blooper reel popped up on the internet, it got lots and lots of attention. how going viral could land somebody in big trouble. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and a new family film. how a dad recreates star wars
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skywalker. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is incredibly scary video that comes from the streets of russia. this is on a very busy road. while there's a kitten fighting for its life, but look at this. miraculously that car misses the cat. it looks like it tries to walk out of the way, but is unable to while cars just k driving. some of them manage to see it and drive right over it. most of them move to the side of the lane, but nobody is stopping to help this poor kitten. >> maybe they care and just can't stop. such a high speed roadway, you're not just going to stop, you could kill yourself. >> fortunately, the driver of this car stopped right in front of the kitten, gets out, walks over to the kitten, inspects it to see if it's alive, it is, and
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hand, takes it back into the car, and then drives out. obviously, the internet falling in love with this man, because he took a chance on his own life, really, to stop and save this kitten. according to reports, he drove off to a sports facility and, apparently, they also found the kitten a home. >> tough to watch. >> ten, hut! time for the swiss army to report for duty. >> oh, oh! >> oh! >> jackknifed. >> how about this one, reporting. >> maybe they are on a mission and this is their mission, you know, to damage this equipment they are trying to get rid of anyway. >> there's a mission all right.
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releasing as much as the goofy behavior these guys can conjure up, like this. >> that is wrong. >> i'm starting to understand why swiss is neutral now. >> i also think it's interesting they released this footage. i imagine if that were here there would be a lot of frowning faces. >> you don't have to imagine it gots lots and lots of attention from not just people like us viewing the video, b superiors. the swiss army is looking into this. they say it's a violation of common decency and insult to the prestige of the uniform. people could see a ten-day arrest and serious fines. this one, though, is a compilation of a number of clips that have been put out on facebook. this particular one cracked me up.
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>> maybe the superiors should look at this as strategy. now other people are going to think the swiss army, you know, they are funny, they are cool kids, but then you can go around and -- bam! >> let's head over to see the of this scooter rider. everybody in london is, okay, i promise it is there. all the time we're seeing the motorcycles, christian, talking all the time about target fixation and how it can be a huge problem. another problem in this case, heading down this road, he locks on his target because this guy is a super hero. see that guy over there, messing
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see the guy already has a tool in his hand, kind of like already pulling stuff off. >> your bike? >> yeah. >> the guy on the bike realizes this dude doesn't have a clue. as soon as he mentions do you want to call the police? takes the tool off, puts it in his bag. thinking i can have him. he's on his way and the scooter super hero is on his. happening. you back it up, you can see all kinds of things attached to the scooter. obviously this has been sitting there quite a few days. this guy knows maybe this guy is on vacation, on holiday, prime target. if not for this guy, that scooter would have been gone. >> in three minutes, that guy with the tools comes straight back and goes back to work. >> good thing about it, though, we get a beautiful, clear, fresh-faced look at this guy's
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it's that time to give away another ipad mini. >> all you need is friday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the ipad mini giveaway. they say a drunken heart speaks a sober mind. this kid really isn't drunk, but he has taken a trip to the dentist. >> i remember my d >> what's wrong? >> poor gabe here has just had some dental surgery and he's talking about his dog nitro. >> i didn't even know him for that long. >> it sounds like nitro was a dog from the past, and mom is not only recording, but talking to him about the fact that his dog lincoln is just fine. >> nitro is in that nice farm in upstate new york running around
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right. he's dead. >> he gone. >> you love lincoln, don't you? >> maybe more than you. >> oh! >> he's saying maybe i like the dog more than you like the dog. not i like the dog more than you. >> no, no, no, that's not what he's saying. >> >> you'd let me fall? >> at the same time i feel like you don't have the upper body strength to hold him up that long. >> you are insulting your mama. when he comes in, he's got to be like, mama, i was dreaming. >> this makes complete and total sense to him in his current mental state. when he watches this back, he's going to be like, mom, i love you. >> you have excellent upper body
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>> vacations are fun until -- >> oh! >> yeah. >> pretty serious, as well. somebody goes down. >> find out what initiated this brawl. and getting older means we've had time to reflect on our past. >> this is a little cliche, but whatever it is you don't like about yourself, try the best you can to embrace it. >> 30 life lessons learned in 30 years. >> if i could get advice to my
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it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. closed captioning provided by -- lieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. vacations are fun, you know, you go out there, have a good time. maybe go out for a bite to eat,
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massive fight! yeah, this is a pretty serious fight, as well. somebody goes down in the beginning of the video and then it's a huge fight, everybody is attacking everybody else. what's happening here is a group of chinese tourists have really gone into it with the people that work in a restaurant. restaurant owner says you can't bring in that alcohol, chinese tourists didn't take kindly, fine, we're leaving. as they were leaving, all the food they ordered was already arriving and the restaurant owner goes, well, you're going to pay for the food. the result of that is this. it got really out of hand, the eight chinese tourists attacked the owner of the restaurant, in fact, smashed a glass bottle over his head. you can see towards the end an ambulance shows up and police got involved. no injuries or serious injuries
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worst things that can happen, finding out about a delay. you know when you realize somebody is going to become a meme forever, it's this guy. he finds out he's going to be delayed for seven hours, cue a reaction that will apply to anything. >> going to be arriving here at 4:45. >> when your girl say she's >> it applies to anything. it will make any reveal comedy gold, because this -- to anything! going to be internet famous. >> 30 lessons i learned in 30 years. and so i knew these 30 life lessons were going to be quite unique. >> i am 30 years old today.
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>> her first one actually kind of interesting. >> vacuum cleaners are not for people that have dogs. >> i have one of those, they are awesome. >> unless you're a pet owner that uses the wee-wee pads. >> it went over poop and continued to spray poop over the rest of my house. >> it's true, happened to me, except with puke. >> never, never, never go on an all carrot diet. i did that in college. >> that's a thing? >> going you. >> she did it, she says don't do it. >> your eyesight would be amazing! >> this one is a very important lesson that everybody needs to listen to and practice. >> never say something behind someone's back that you aren't completely willing to say directly to their face. it will keep you out of a lot of trouble. >> that's very important advice. >> translation, just say nice stuff about people, that way you can deny everything. >> you're stressed out because you feel the pressure of the
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everything, you have to figure out your life and you stress yourself out, let it go. >> my very best friend is getting married next week and is so stressed out about the planning of her wedding she developed a twitch in her eye, thought it was nothing, carried on and it turned into a full face twist. that's what happens when you don't destress. >> the video has a lot more of those lessons. if you want to check out the whole thing, head over to, click on tv show, check it out on our mobile app. a guy is on the run. >> far eastern russia and he's after that bear you see right there. >> see why we're skeptical about this one. >> nobody in their right mind is chasing big three bleep bleep bears. plus, don't you dare pick up that remote. the buzz word for your chanceouo win an ipad mini is coming your way.
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webbing set up and it's time to descend by hand. >> didn't want to use another drone to rescue the drone? >> saw them looking over like -- >> you see how they gently and gingerly lower themselves over the edge and down they go, rappelling down into the middle of the crater. that is cool, because you can see how the crater edge overhangs the bottom of the hole, so they drop right down bottom. there it is. also a little lava tube, too. take a small peek inside that cave there, don't seem to go too far, i don't think they are prepared to go pa lunging. looks like to me the toughest part is getting back up and over the edge of the rim of this
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>> it does look like it's a bit of a struggle here, but these guys do succeed in rescuing david's drone. imagine if they put a camera with the bad guy and the bad guy was on the run looking for those bears. >> what? >> yeah, bears. this guy is on the run in far eastern russia and he's after that bear you see right there. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> at that point he yells "catch shaggy, he's trying to catch that bear," but the bear is not alone. >> i know what you're thinking, yeah, we have two of them, one guy on a bike, other went super viral up in the snow. it's a different bear, but a couple of times it's been clearer than the grainy footage. i've still got my reel of fake hat on here. seems real, but i'm so suspicious nowadays.
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this. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> they say he stopped because he ran out of breath. >> he ran out of sense. >> nobody in their right mind is chasing bears. >> in the end, it is russia. >> i don't care. what they don't know is what is in this video. this was caught on an eagle nest right, zoom in right in the middle of the screen, that is allegedly a big foot. >> you know what it really is, somebody that's been monitoring the eagle cam, sees a corner that's available and decided let's go have some fun. >> exactly what that is. somebody knew they could easily create a hoax simply by going out there and walking. >> i think the big foot is the
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it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, 21 years of age, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. >> now let's reveal today's buzz word. it's yoga. >> so, head on over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, yoga. >> later next week we'll have a bonus give away. that's right, you can enter good luck, everybody. this little girl is living every child's dream. >> they have almost shot in many ways, completely recreated one of the most iconic scenes from one of the most iconic movies of all time. >> watch 3-year-old amelia in action. >> you all right?
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voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> all right, let's see how it
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kids do the darnest things, break things, blow up the death star. wait -- welcome one and all to the greatest video ever made on the internet. it's from three dad videos and what they've done almost shot for shot in many ways complete he recryuated one of the most iconic scenes of all time. in a way that had me with tears in my eyes i was so happy for the whole thing. recognized if you've watched a special edition of star wars, things go differently. >> report in. red three. >> red two, standing by. >> standing by. >> so cute. >> amelia skywalker, as she's going by in this version of star wars, you may have also noticed a couple other wing men and wing women along with her. they are also quite familiar if you follow youtube and they've
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>> going in. >> are you okay, amelia? >> i'm okay. >> oh, my gosh. this is so perfect. >> and the stuff they've shot with the movie stuff, it's almost seamless. >> very similar to where does luke stay? >> at the gym? >> instead of it being the canyon, amelia's got her own place of experience. >> i love that little girl. >> use the force, amelia. >> mommy, is that you? >> yes, okay. does impressions on youtube, as well. >> darth vader! we've got dad and dad solo. >> let's go home! >> no way. >> not even 2 yet.
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million. >> we will for you guys put everything up on our website,, click on tv show. or use our mobile app. >> remember, the force will be with you always. >> thanks for hanging out with us today. we appreciate it. go check out for lots more fun content or catch us on the next episode of "right this minute". narrator: over and over it's been their agenda:
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kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message.
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it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ?? >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ?? >> wendy: whoa! back at you. look who's looking cute -- me! in a romper. yes! thank you for watching my show. say hello to my co-host, my


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